At LIVALL EUROPE we take special care in supporting initiatives that have a wide impact in our industry and society, and today is one of those occasions when entrepreneurship, talent, innovation and the future of technology gather to discuss, promote, and act as a blueprint for the businesses of tomorrow.

Female Startup Leaders celebrate the Female Founders Day, at the Ateneo de Madrid. The world of tomorrow needs all of the talent, initiative and ingenuity: Everybody must be able to participate, and the talent of women is indispensable.

Any barriers that might prevent half of our population from forming start ups , businesses and generating value must come down or else we all lose.

Dialogue, competitions, round tables, symposiums ; a very high occasion that at LIVALL EUROPE we will be attending with utmost pride.

Female Founders Day was a resounding success and at LIVALL EUROPE we hope to continue supporting initiatives that put entrepreneurship, accessibility and equality at the forefront of their agendas.