Our public workers deserve the best protection for the performing of their functions as well as for their displacement within our urban networks: by guaranteeing their well-being, we are guaranteeing the well-being of our society.  This simple fact has become of vital importance in recent years, and many public administrations are beginning to understand the vital importance of investing in safety and protection for their workers.

At LIVALL we have been working for years on technological innovation for road safety ofthe highest caliber, and we are involved in the development of technologies and patents that can greatly benefit different administrations, from security forces (mounted or bicycle police, mobility corps, etc. .) to the entire range of public officials on the move, such as sanitary technicians, waste collection, etc.

Our smart helmets offer much more than impact protection: Thanks to our advances in technology, public workers can always stay connected, make voice calls and walkie-talkie calls, find the best route through voice navigation and, in case of emergency, they have an SOS button with which their geolocation is sent immediately to their colleagues, as well as automatic location send-out  in the event of an accident, thanks to its fall detection system.

The public sector, more and more, requires protection that meets times.  At LIVALL, we have what it takes and we push safety forward more than any other mobility company.

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