Safer, Smarter, Sustainable

LIVALL was born in 2014 with a very simple premise; to promote the use of sustainable transport through technological innovation in the fields of safety and connectivity.

As a company dedicated to safer transport and specialised in the development of smart helmets, we are committed to protect the user and provide a superior mobility experience, transforming the way we understand safety in transit, through the incorporation of digital and computational technologies into our helmets.

Invention, Innovation, Ingenuity 

During our journey as a company, we have developed more than 170 patents, becoming leaders in innovation; including 60 invention patents, 53 utility model patents, 45 style patents, and 15 international PCT patents.

LIVALL: A winning combination

LIVALL helmets combine the solidity and lightness of materials, the usefulness of digital technologies and the elegance and aerodynamics of the most avant-garde designs, a combination that has received incredible praise from the public, but also many awards.

As a company focused on road safety and protection, however, the best award we could ever hope for, is the knowledge that our products have already saved lives; a fact recently pointed out by AXA with its Ponle Freno Award, dedicated to companies whose innovation is making a difference in road safety.

In expert hands

Our team of experts is always available to the community, to solve doubts and attend any queries. To err is human, but the difference between a good brand and one that really makes an impact, lays in how we engage with our community of users, and at LIVALL we take that very seriously.